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We offer a full or part repair of both modern and antique furniture, also longcase and vienna wall clocks. From the straight forward repolishing to major reconstruction involving the replacement of broken or missing items.

The Services We Provide

French Polishing:

Traditional “French Polishing" is undertaken to restore your precious item to its former condition using the finest shellac button polish. We also use various wax polishes on items such as“Jacobean Oak" or even more modern finishes on good quality reproduction items.

Wood Turning:

New items are turned to the exact profile as the original in as near the same age and type of wood as possible.


In many cases the ancient example of craftsmanship may be upheld in restoring a damaged item to its former glory.

Veneering and inlay:

The re-laying of existing veneer, locating old examples of precious veneer on materials that have outlived their usefulness, to be used in the restoration of pieces where modern stocks have long since ceased to exist. Also the purchase of new veneer to achieve the desired effect. Inlays of Boxwood or Ebony, also decorative lengths such as satinwood or tulipwood are used as part of a restoration project.

Brass Fittings:

Sourcing of authentic and new items to ideally compliment the item and also ageing the metal to meet the needs of the furniture.

Leather Inlays:

A range of colours and quality designs to suit the individual item, all with gold and blind tooling.

Major Reconstruction:

This might involve dismantling where necessary to rebuild the item to its former condition, and may for example include the splicing-in of a new section of wood to replace a badly damaged area or even the replacement of that particular component.

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