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We offer a full or part repair of both modern and antique furniture, also longcase and vienna wall clocks. From the straight forward repolishing to major reconstruction involving the replacement of broken or missing items.

Furniture Restoration

A mahogany roll top bureau before restoration

John Farrington has over 37 years of experience in antique furniture restoration with skills that include all aspects of cabinet repairs and french polishing.

When it comes to repairing precious antique furniture your decision to trust a particular craftsman is quite unique - all other factors come secondary to their reputation.

You're probably looking for somebody with the skill, experience and professionalism to bring your treasured antique furniture back to life.

Maybe, you would like to commission the creation of an authentic looking piece - maybe a chair to accompany your impressive dining table.

John Farrington will typically undertake french polishing and cabinet repairs, although some restorations will call-on many different disciplines of this craft, for example wood turning, inlay, veneering and carving. Modern methods of polishing are also employed where necessary. His skills are varied and if you have a notion to restore a cherished piece of furniture you should Contact us here.<

A mahogany roll top bureau after restoration

Frequently, very modern furniture proves not to be economical for the owner to have restored, and it's true... they really don't make them like they used to. That said, items such as tables and chairs can all-too-often become marked - with the repair being both modest and inexpensive to perform.

A craftsman's time costs the same amount whether the piece is 300 or, three years old, and only the owner of the piece can decide if aesthetic, financial and sentimental value are reason-enough to employ one of the most respected Cabinet Makers in the Northwest of England. We promise not to compete on price, only professionalism and love for the item itself. Please call or Email for a fair and honest quote today.

You will be delighted by the quality of this master craftsman.
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