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We offer a full or part repair of both modern and antique furniture, also longcase and vienna wall clocks. From the straight forward repolishing to major reconstruction involving the replacement of broken or missing items.

Vienna Regulator Wall Clock

A walnut Vienna clock

The photos below illustrated the process of restoring a Vienna regulator wall clock. The photo of the case in it's original form shows a largely intact but tired clock. From a distance, there is only superficial damage with some lost elements.

Closer inspection however reveals a serious breakdown to the structure of the case caused by the weakness of the original bone glue. This weakness permitted all or the joints to be separated without any force or implement.

To achieve a satisfactory outcome to this project, all the joint surfaces of the individual components were cleaned to bare wood, re-glued and clamped to form the correct alignment.

This process included all mouldings and later missing and damaged veneer. When it comes to missing components, these were made in the same style and materials as the originals.

After all cabinet work had been completed, the original wood was stripped of its polish and then re-stained along with all new elements to the desired colour and then re-polished.

Photos below track part of the process of restoration

To view a larger image in more detail, click on the thumbnail and use the arrow keys left and right or next in the top right side of the image and previous in the top left side to navigate.

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