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We offer a full or part repair of both modern and antique furniture, also longcase and vienna wall clocks. From the straight forward repolishing to major reconstruction involving the replacement of broken or missing items.

The repair of a Regency carved walnut dining chair

A Walnut Dining Chair

The photo shows a very elegant carved walnut dining chair after restoration. The chair arrived in a poor state with the top rail completely detached with broken joints to both top carved rail and back legs

The chair seat frame was made from beech and this was totally invested by woodworm to the point that there was no structural strength left in the wood. The first task was to totally dismantle the chair and expose the joints in the sound walnut frame.

The next involved the careful cleaning of all the joints to remove the remains of the wood and consolidated glue. In front of me lay the solid and undamaged walnut parts of the chair and the infested beech sections.

My first task was to remove the walnut moulding that ran around the lower edge of both left, right and front section, also the veneer from the back seat rail and then ultimately transfer to the new wood when the chair was reconstructed.

The next task was to obtain a piece of fully seasoned 3 inch beech from which I could mark out and cut the replacements. Each new component was carefully cut and shaped to be an exact replica of the original.

Before assembly, both back legs and carved top rail were repaired.

The new joints were cut and checked for fit after which the two front legs were first glued to the front seat rail. The same was true with the new back seat rail by jointing it to both back legs and center caved rail. A day later the both side rail were assembled to front and rear elements. All the moulding was then refitted around seat frame and the veneer was re-attached at the back. Later the corner braces were fitted to both front and rear corners. Finally the carved top rail was re-jointed in place

The final task was the colouring of the new wood and the blending to surface polish leaving a project were all visible surface elements completely original.

Photos below track part of the process of restoration

To view a larger image in more detail, click on the thumbnail and use the arrow keys left and right or next in the top right side of the image and previous in the top left side to navigate.

The completed reassembly of the top portion of the chair.

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